All Supplier To Solve Your Battery Purpose
         On the nowadays world, many  customers which no matter what  they are  come  from
USA, EU or other countries, will common recognizing a common idea that they know China
has many products with attractive price and gradually progressed quality, especially in the
battery field, So,All they want to know:
  Where this Chinese factory located?How to find it?How to make sure that they are have
good services and than getting long term cooperation with them. How  to know  its products
will perfectly suitable for they requirements?
  Yes, you got it right now!
        Lipo,Li--ion,LiFePO4,Li2MnO4 & Ternary Material Battery,all are here!
  Shenzhen Lionik Battery Co.,Ltd is your best choice!
     As the Manufacturer of specializing in battery and charger in China, Lionik concentrate
in solve power applications on security usage,cycle usage on portable equipment,Remote
Control device,big capacity and high discharge vehicles, electric tools etc.With supporting
of the strong capital, advanced technology and equipments, as well as an excellent team
of designing & researching, Lionik has been keeping whole management systems in good
reputation,developed varied batteries with reliable performence and safty as well.
        So,Lionik lithium polymer cell max capacity can reach to 15Ah,18Ah with single cell,
continuous discharge can reach to 25C and peak value is 40C rate,high temperature 75℃
and low temperature can reach to -40 ℃.
        Lionik LiFePO4 battery has got 2000 times of cycle life with 1C and 1000times with 8C-
10C discharge,the max capacity is 55Ah with single cell,working temperature scope from
-20 ℃ to +65℃,it can used in explosion circumstance under mine such as miner lamps.
        Lionik Li2MnO4 battery max capacity can reach to 75Ah with single cell,Ternary Material
Battery capacity is 70Ah and meanwhile,cycle life time can reach to 1000times.
        Lionik battery pack,we can configurate of max to 20 series with balance PCB and BMS
such as 84V 10A,20A 60A etc.
        Lionik also have matched charger for above all battery,output current is from 5A,10A,
30A,max to 50A,output voltage is from 4.2V,29.4V,33.8V,42V to 84V with perfect functions.
        Lionik always persist in that customers requirements is lionik requirements,That is:
want you need what Lionik made! even better than you want.!
Welcome to Lionik Battery and Charger World Again!

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